Internship- Connecting Heritage


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How to apply?

Some information on the process and procedure to apply.

  1. How to apply for the internship?
    I applied through Internshala.
  2. Were you required to take multiple follow-ups or the concerned department/ person was quick to respond?
    It was a quick process. I got the acceptance within 2 days.
  3. When should a person start applying, especially if there is a long procedure in place or any filtering criteria/ stages?
    You can drop a mail to the founder Awantika Chitnavis if you are interested.
  4. Do you need any intervention in the form of approval/ request letter etc from your institution before applying to this place?
  5. Any other information you would like to add.

Information about internship:

  1. Your College/ Institution
    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Technical University
  2. Year of Internship
  3. Department/ Division/ Zone
    Architecture Journalism
  4. Work Location/ Office Location
    Work from Home
  5. Internship Duration
    1 Month
  6. Working hours/ days
    8 hours working/ 6 days a week
  7. Was it a paid internship?
  8. Perks/ benefits apart from completion certificate
  9. Your Project/ Work/ Role:
    Writer and Research
  10. Your overall experience?
    Good experience.
  11. Did it meet your expectations, and to what extent?
    Yes, it did. Although the internship was for a short duration still it helped me to polish my writing skills.
  12. Do you recommend doing an internship at this place?
    Yes. If the person is passionate about conservation and heritage.
  13. Were you able to grow your professional network?
  14. Is there any option for "internship to job" after getting the degree?
  15. Any other information you would like to include/ mention