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Why LandMentor?


Staff member
Currently there are no software competitors that address design any further than simple subdividing or working with existing regulations that we all know are flawed. Here is how LandMentor stands out among the various competitors in Industry.
  • Land Surveying- LandMentor uses only positional based coordinate geometry. This allows planners and architects to learn, understand, and use surveying software. It the only system where the geometry is not separate from the drawing. Also it is the only surveying system that eliminates point number management.
  • Mapping & GIS- In addition to the above, LandMentor has the only Precision parcel based system – ESRI is only polygons, thus cannot address curved property or elements.
  • Civil Engineering- Many competitors – LandMentor is the only that is easy enough for non-engineering types (planners and architects) - to learn, understand and use.
  • Financial Modeling - The only precision spatial system that teaches financial modeling and translates to higher level packages.
  • Subdividing - All others automate to promote the cookie cutter world we live in – LandMentor promotes design where every lot matters replacing automation.
  • Architecture- The first system that merges planning and architectural design – not intended to replace architectural software, but teach better design and make it easier while planning development.
  • Zoning and Land Use - All others promote existing methods, LandMentor teach new ones.
  • 3D- Every other system is so complex, 3D is almost never used for actual planning outside the classroom. We make 3D free and easy.
  • Parcel Intelligence: All others address a complex and external database –LandMentor is the only system that instantly queries precise data in real time through calculation.
  • DTM - Integrated – all others require a separate data structure.
  • 2D Presentation - All others would need PhotoShop or third party rendering to match the standard output of LandMentor system.

High Density development examples using LandMentor

TresLagos Senior East www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/SeniorCenterEastB.mp4
Performance Village Automotive Site www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/RussanosVideo.mp4
Bogota Master Plan www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/Fagua_MasterPlan.mp4
Farmington MN Site Study Mixed use www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/Perkins_Farmington.mp4
Golden Valley Mixed Use Study www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/GoldenValley_Sketch.mp4
Heritage Park Prefurbia Urban www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/HeritageParkMFH.mp4
Sherman Tx Mixed Use www.rhsdplanning.com/uploads/Sherman_Tx_MixedUse.mp4