What career choices are available to students studying bachelors of planning in India?

Gruhasree D

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Bachelor of Planning (in short BPlan) is a 4 years full-time undergraduate program. Moreover, it is a cross road of Architecture and Civil engineering with brief components of economy, administration, management and law. It involves professional planning, development and management at various scales and sectors. The B.Planning course has a lot of scope in aspects of education and career. After completing the course, you can seek jobs as a city planner, regional planner, area planner etc. There are other peculiar opportunities too like Interior Designer, Design Architect Projects, and Real Estate consultant.

In India there are many colleges and universities that offer Masters Courses after graduating in B.Planning Course in case one chooses to pursue further studies. While, one can also study up to PhD level in planning. Students can even go and study abroad in countries like the UK and USA for the same.

As for job/ career options there are plenty of positions in private as well as government sectors. Students get placements at private firms and international companies (Thanks to growing awareness about smart cities in public). They work as planners in town and country planning across several states in India. Graduates can get jobs in Public Sector, Private sector, Real Estate firms, International Companies or even NGOs. The salary for the job roles is good too. It can range from 4 lakh to 6 lakhs depending on the firm and role of an individual at entry level.

During the course students can even take up internships and work on professional projects.