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Restricted Features/ Permissions/ Attachments

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There are a few features which are not available for every member. This can be due to various reasons such as
  1. The feature is still being tested by our team
  2. It is not available only for moderators/ specific user groups or admins
  3. Your account does not have permission to use it
  4. It was abused/ overused by few users thus we are required to disable it

We do have the option to attach files (few specific formats). Some users will be able to attach and upload files. Not all users have access to this feature due to security & spamming concerns. If you really need to upload any attachment you may place a non-executable link from a reputed service such as Google Drive, Onedrive by Microsoft, Dropbox or similar services. You can also use screenshot services such as Prnt Sc. and paste the link.

If you are unable to upload the file or want the file to be available for long time on our website then kindly contact us. We will upload the relevant document on your behalf. In case you are an active user at the community, you might be provided with such special permissions and features on request.

Thread/ Forum Visibility
There might be few forums and threads which are not visible to everyone. They are made available to only specific groups for various reasons. Thus, if you get a message "you do not have permission to see this" by clicking on a link, that thread/ forum might not be available to you. If you feel that you are right person and should have access to it, please get in touch so that we can check the issue and grant required permission.
Not open for further replies.