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LandMentor - News & Recognition


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LandMentor is the revolutionary software which is all set to reshape the way development takes place in current world. Developed by Neighborhood Innovations, LLC LandMentor is the first ever and only comprehensive design and planning system (technology & education) which will set the benchmark for the required “Sustainable Development”.

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From Michael Shamsie of the LandMark Group (Civil Engineers)

Note that Mike has been using LandMentor for about 4 years to grow his business.

From a Plan Commission member
“your submittal and presentation sets a new standard for future applicants”
From a Plan Commission member last June in MO
“The 3D model helps us with the transformation from paper to reality of what the development will look like”

From Chris Canaday – Developer and Builder in California:

Here’s a few bullet points about the advantages of the planning methods that are taught in the included educational materials of LandMentor:

We developed Placitas de La Paz which contained 270 homes. The community is located in small city that was virtually 100% low income Hispanic population. The home sizes were small and the density was much higher than normal at the time. The design was new and different - it created more interest and privacy than a standard land plan. They were virtually sold well before construction was completed in each phase.

We did not jack up the sales prices and still made an excellent profit. Today, resale of home prices are substantially higher in spite of the huge real estate problems we experience in California.

Granted timing was excellent but I do believe the land plan was an important factor in our success.

From Ed Taravella – Head of the Houston Builders Association, and Land Developer:

Would you like to see the as-built environment of a new development before it is built? Want to fly/drive/walk through the development you are proposing in virtual reality? The incredible thing about this feature is that it is just a by-product, if you will, of the LandMentor system. I was pretty amazed when I saw my tract of land transform into my own unique immersive community. Usually we only see our plans in 2D. With LandMentor, you not only walk through your proposed community, you can also walk through the actual homes (or buildings) you propose build.

One of the unique things about LandMentor is the ability to determine environmental density and show in a pie chart how the site is covered i.e. streets, driveways/flatwork and building pad. I have never seen a land plan break out the coverage quite like this. But in today’s market, impervious cover and the resulting drainage issues are now at the forefront of local government regulation.

I have never heard of anything like LandMentor before being introduced to Rick and LandMentor many years ago and there is still nothing like it out there. LandMentor can integrate the different elements of the land development and construction process. Engineering, surveying, land planning, development, home construction and virtual reality in one integrated system. A system as tightly integrated as this is accurate and precise. (Nothing is lost in translation as there is nothing to translate) not sure about this last line.

Nick Rhodes – Land Developer and Home Builder – Rio Grande Valley, Texas:

“The current development landscape is rapidly changing as new buyers continue to enter into the housing market. Cities and developers are having to think outside the box to fill the demand to produce the housing inventory to meet the needs of the modern buyer. Rick Harrison Site Design and software Land Mentor are critical in displaying and educating all parties involved in the development process. The 3d capabilities of the software streamline the development process so cities and developers can be on the same page when presenting new concepts and everyone can virtually walk the streets and understand the livability of what is getting built. Land Mentor has been an extraordinary asset for our company in developing several projects that offer higher quality of life than competing developments, but we would not have been able to get them approved without being able to have city staff and commission visualize the project. Rick Harrison and his software, Land Mentor, is a great tool for all stakeholders involved on the development process from engineers, cities, developers and the end consumer, who ultimately is why we all do what we do. “

Greg Somers: Land DeveloperMentor, Ohio

The technology and assets that LandMentor provided has completely transformed, innovated, and most importantly streamlined the process of pursuing and obtaining new community development approvals. Gone are the days where we would present a black and white plat map. The technology brings a community to life prior to ever existing. The virtual reality, color renderings, and color site plans has an immediate positive impact when presenting a new community plan. One of the most important functions the technology provides is the ability to address neighbor concerns and show that the new community is going to be an asset vs. a liability.

We have had many circumstances where we may not have been able to obtain approvals and community acceptance if it wasn't for the technology and assets that LandMentor provides when being used in the design and presenting of a new community development plan.