Internship at SMEC (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Nancy Grover

Staff member
1. How to apply?
Some information on the process and procedure to apply.
  1. How to apply for the internship?
    SMEC (India) Pvt. Ltd. approached the placement cell of my college (SPA, Delhi) in October, 2020 for hiring students for a service contract of 3 months but due to some issues from their side, it turned into an internship.

  2. Were you required to take multiple follow-ups or the concerned department/ person was quick to respond?
    Since, they approached themselves and were in need of people to work on the ongoing project, selection process was extremely quick.

  3. When should a person start applying, especially if there is a long procedure in place or any filtering criteria/ stages?
    Start applying 2-3 months before for a summer internship starting in May/June, along with an updated CV.

  4. Do you need any intervention in the form of approval/ request letter etc. from your institution before applying to this place?

  5. Any other information you would like to add.
    I didn't like the working environment. There was a major problem of coordination in the team I worked.
2. Information about internship
  1. Your College/ Institution
    School of Planning and Architecture, Delhi

  2. Year of Internship
    2020, After graduation

  3. Department/ Division/ Zone
    Linear Infrastructure Team

  4. Work Location/ Office Location

  5. Internship Duration
    3 months

  6. Working hours/ days
    10 am to 5 pm

  7. Was it a paid internship?

  8. Perks/ benefits apart from completion certificate
    Not at all

  9. Your Project/ Work/ Role:
    I was involved in preparation of DPRs for in-village water supply in rural areas of Karnataka state under JJM.

  10. Your overall experience?
    It was bad.

  11. Did it meet your expectations and to what extent?
    Not at all.

  12. Do you recommend doing an internship at this place?
    I won't but I think this is a subjective choice to be made.

  13. Were you able to grow your professional network?

  14. Is there any option for an "internship to the job" after getting the degree?
    They claim and give you false hopes but nothing of that sort happened with me. Also, I am not sure if it was really because of the resource constraint due to pandemic situation as I was told by them.