Internship at Aishwarya Tipnis Architects, New Delhi


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How to apply?

Some information on the process and procedure to apply.

  1. How to apply for the internship?
    Send an internship application on their mail id with updated CV and portfolio.
  2. Were you required to take multiple follow-ups or the concerned department/ person was quick to respond?
    Only one follow up mail was required. It also depends upon their availability and vacancy. If they have one and you are shortlisted, they might reply after a week or two.
  3. When should a person start applying, especially if there is a long procedure in place or any filtering criteria/ stages?
    There is no long procedure. You are selected based on your portfolio and skills followed by a personal interview. One can apply in Jan- Feb or July-Aug. It also depends upon their intern requirement.
  4. Do you need any intervention in the form of approval/ request letter etc. from your institution before applying to this place?
    You might need to give a bonafide certificate for internship from your institution or any other relevant letter. It is only given once you have been selected.
  5. Any other information you would like to add.
    It is a urban conservation and regeneration firm that also deals with restoration and architectural design. It will be a good opportunity for students looking for multiple tasks and activities. As the firm always engage with other professionals, practitioners and people from the related field. It is an overall development opportunity.

Information about internship:

  1. Your College/ Institution
    Apeejay Institute of Technology – School of Architecture and Planning, Greater Noida
  2. Year of Internship
  3. Department/ Division/ Zone
  4. Work Location/ Office Location
    Greater Kailash III, New Delhi, India
  5. Internship Duration
    4 months
  6. Working hours/ days
    8 hours a day. Alternate Saturdays were off.
  7. Was it a paid internship?
  8. Perks/ benefits apart from completion certificate
    Connecting with other professionals
  9. Your Project/ Work/ Role:
    Working drawings, Research, Design involvement, Developing graphics and 3Ds, Site visits and survey.
    Involvement in restoration, documentation and architectural projects.
  10. Your overall experience?
    A good learning, friendly and open environment.
  11. Did it meet your expectations, and to what extent?
    Yes it did, I always wanted to be a part their firm. And it did exceed my expectations of knowledge sharing and new learnings.
  12. Do you recommend doing an internship at this place?
  13. Were you able to grow your professional network?
  14. Is there any option for "internship to job" after getting the degree?
    Yes, but it also depends on their vacancies and your skills.
  15. Any other information you would like to include/ mention
    It’s a good opportunity for those interested in conservation, architecture, heritage and beyond.