I have recently finished my 12th Grade with 90+% in PCM and interested in large scale projects. Is Planning a right career path for me?

Gruhasree D

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There are ton of opportunities for students with a BPlanning degree. If you are good at analytical thinking and problem solving, BPlanning is a course for you. Through planning you get to learn to develop projects based on budget, time, available resources and creating a vision for the community. Designing safer and sustainable settlements with knowledge attained through research, design and development programs shall be your daily job. You are responsible to ensure balance between land and community requirements. Of course, there’s a little hardship faced during the initial stages of the career but once established, there’s stability in life.

Let us understand some profiles that students can look for after graduation in the BPlanning course. The jobs roles include as Urban Planner, Regional Planner, Planning Advisor and Urban Designer. Urban planning involves technical development and political welfare of localities and its people. They can get jobs in local and state government, private sector, real estate and even NGOs. One can also be an independent contractor (try focusing on scale here). Since you love laarrgee projects, this can be your dream profession. There are many opportunities for BPlanning graduates across the globe that you can keep exploring as you pursue the course.