How to Check Company Registration Details & Status in India


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Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) by Government of India has details of all the companies incorporated in India. Details of all the types of companies and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is available on the website, records are kept by ministry. All companies are listed on the website as per government instructions.

To check the details of a "registered" company in India, follow these steps:

1. Open Ministry of Corporate Affair’s Website -
2. On menu go to MCA Services > View Company or LLP Master Data (as shown in the image below)

MCA main website.png

3. On the page which opens, Click on the "lens/ magnifying glass/ search" icon to find the company name. Image below for reference

MCA Company -  LLP Master Data.png

4. Search for the company name you wish to check (enter partial or complete name of the company). The name may be a complete name or a word within a company name.


5. Sample search for a company with word "planners" in it. A list is generated as shown in the image below:

MCA Company Search With term Planner.png

6. Select the name of company from the list and it will be automatically filled in "Company CIN/ FCRN/ LLPIN/ FLLPIN" box. Then enter the characters as shown in captcha and click "Submit"
7. Sample data for a company (image below). Important information has been marked for easy reference.

MCA COmpany LLP Master Data Sample.PNG

8. Directors associated with the company are listed. More information about any of the associated director can be obtained by clicking on the number under "DIN/ PAN". (DIN stands of Director Identification Number and unique to a person/ director). Clicking on it will display more information about the director along with the list of companies the director is associated with. Sample information provided below in image

MCA Director Master Data.PNG

Note 1: If you are unable to find a company name or if the complete name is not returning any results then try a partial name.
Note 2: Not all type of companies are listed on the website. Some of the include private partnerships, unregistered partnerships, companies with registration under process, partnership deeds, NGOs.
Note 3: Both private limited and companies registered under "Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013" are available in this database.
Note 4: NGOs are separate entities and not available in the company list by MCA. Different portal exist to check the registration and details of an NGO.

Please post your queries and questions below in case you face any problem or need more information on this.