Background check of a website (registration details)


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All websites need to provide basic registration information while getting registered. The website name is technically called "Domain Name". For example in, "" is the domain name which will be used to check the details. You will be required to enter "Root Domain" in most of the cases, "" is the root domain in this example.

Check can be performed on a number of website and recommended websites are mentioned below. If any website does not open then please try another website from the list. (any website) (any website) (any website) (for websites registered on GoDaddy, one of the biggest domain registrar) (for websites registered with Big Rock)

Sample Screenshot h
Whois Data.JPG

General pattern for other registrars

You will be provided with a number of details, the most useful and important details are as mentioned below:

1. Registrant's name - Can be an individual or a company or might be hidden/ not available (eg. Domains by Proxy i.e. private or hidden registrations)
2. Registration dates (Date of creation especially)
3. Registrar (eg DoDaddy, Wix, NameCheap, BigRock, Google Domains etc). You might be required to visit the "who is" page of these registrars in some cases. Google "who is" followed by the registrant name to get the direct link of whois page of that registrar or use the general pattern mentioned above.
4. Multiple registrants details. Contact, billing, technical details might be different in some cases

Note 1: You might not get much details or the website might as you to visit the registrar's website for details. In this case simply follow the instructions and check the details from the registrar website.
Note 2: You might not get any name and instead have a name such as Domain by Proxy or Private Registration or similar name/ message displayed. This simply mean that the owner is not revealing the details. This does not necessarily mean something suspicious as it a general practice to avoid spamming but you will not be able to get this detail. It's simply hidden and you will be required to get in touch with the company with the reason and proof why you need that information.
Note 3: The details such as name, address and other contact details may or may not be correct/ accurate & up to date. Any fictitious name or contact info can be shared. Although this is against the rules but this practice is very common. Only the registration dates are most accurate data and cannot be manipulated by website owner.

Please post your queries and questions below in case you face any problem or need more information on this.