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    LandMentor - News & Recognition

    Testimonials From Michael Shamsie of the LandMark Group (Civil Engineers) Note that Mike has been using LandMentor for about 4 years to grow his business. From a Plan Commission member “your submittal and presentation sets a new standard for future applicants” From a Plan Commission member...
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    How to & FIle Conversions

    LandMentor supports conversion and importing of various file types. Tutorials links to convert these files in LandMentor are mentioned nelow. SketchUp to LandMentor Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Converting an AutoCAD file: www.neighborhoodinnovations.com/LM_Import_CAD_Data.mp4...
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    Horizontal Development vs. Vertical Development?

    Patterns of urban growth are being studied from long time now. We have example of exceptional and well known cities & urban areas which have opted for vertical Development and as well as horizontal development. Both of these form of development have their own pros and cons. Which one do you...
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    Why LandMentor?

    Currently there are no software competitors that address design any further than simple subdividing or working with existing regulations that we all know are flawed. Here is how LandMentor stands out among the various competitors in Industry. Land Surveying- LandMentor uses only positional...
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    LandMentor Manual

    Most (all) other software simply shows the buttons and commands to create a topography, while LandMentor integrate a complete education while also showing how to use the technology, thus working on background information to create a better end user. The entire (1,000) page manual is written...
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    More Resources from Founders of LandMentor

    LandMentor is not just another "software". The core principle and the idea behind is to start a revolution which is focused on improvement of users by various means. This is in contradiction to the typical approach adopted by other tech giants who consider "users" as just another client who...
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    Supported Files & Extension

    Land Mentor supports various files and formats. It also supports the cross platform compatibility so that you can use your file from old software & import your data to LandMentor. ".ppf" or "DOT PPF" is the default associated extension of the files created by LandMentor. Following file...
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    Updates & Changelogs

    This is the list of updates and changes made. Make sure to use the latest version to make most out of it!
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    LandMentor 2020 First Day Online Training Video Links

    Basic getting started videos for students and those who are just entering the field. www.landmentor.com/LM_2020_Class_1_Intro.mp4 (90 seconds) www.landmentor.com/LM_2020_Class_1.mp4 (33 minutes) www.landmentor.com/LM_2020_Class_2.mp4 (27 minutes - non interactive)...
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    LandMentor - News & Recognition

    LandMentor is the revolutionary software which is all set to reshape the way development takes place in current world. Developed by Neighborhood Innovations, LLC LandMentor is the first ever and only comprehensive design and planning system (technology & education) which will set the benchmark...
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    City Types!

    There are a number of names, classification & "types" associated with cities. The well known and large cities are now facing problem and growing in size with each passing day. This growth is giving rise to new challenges which is often dealt with "creating" new cities or pseudo cities which are...
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    Think Differently - A series

    Short videos to help you get started and think differently. 5 to 8 minutes long. If you find these of value, please pass them along, or link them. An overview of the whole concept Session 0 (An Overview): Planning process example from start to finish Session 1: Recognize & Reducing Waste...
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    City Models & Theories

    Evolution of cities has been a topic of interest for centuries. Such research include the study of spatial arrangement of activities in a city & how they influence the spatial character. Most widely studied theories, rules, city types are listed here. Central Place Theory by Walter Christaller...
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