Last Updated - 28/03/2020

Our rules are simple, easy to understand and follow. The short and human redable version of the rules is as follows:

  • Don't spam
  • Do not post copyright-infringing material
  • No Spam / Advertising / Self-promote in the forum/li>
  • Don't be shady
  • Do not PM users asking for help
  • Remain respectful of other members at all times

We welcome you if you can follow these simple rules and guidelines.


"Spam" is a pretty big catch all for posting things that overly promotional in nature. This can be traditional spam like Viagra or iPhones for cheap, but it can also be less blatant things like posting something just to drop a link into your post or asking questions about something you already know the answer to (for example if you worked at a web hosting company in New York and you start a thread asking people where to get web hosting in New York).

Don't direct users to your signature link. If someone actually needs whatever you have in there, they will see it on their own (or if you really must, you can send them a private message about it).

For the most part affiliate links are considered spam... You *can* have them in your signature (but not within a post).

Things related to spamming other sites are not allowed (selling blog commenting, YouTube/Facebook "Likes" for example). A good rule of thumb would be to not sell a service that involves a site you don't own.

"Signature" links that aren't actually in your signature (in the body of a post) are not allowed.

Attempts to artificially manipulate any of our systems can be seen as spam (for example if you "like" a zillion posts that are not really likable).

Pointless Crap

First and foremost, this is an English speaking site (this means all public posts must be in English). If your English isn't that good, you are welcome to hang out, but please don't post something in poor English just for sake of posting. If you have a *legitimate* post, ask a friend to help you translate your post/question before posting it.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Did you just copy/paste your post or did you actually take the time to write it?
  • Is your post understandable to someone who speaks English? Even better would be if it's actually grammatically correct.
  • Does your post have any value to anyone other than the thread starter (if not, just send them a private message)? This includes things like posting publicly that you sent them a private message (they already know... the system notifies them).

If you answered "No" (or even "Maybe") to any of those questions, simply don't post whatever it is.


Pretty normal things apply to not being deceptive.

  • Are you doing anything that could be considered illegal? This includes (but not limited to) things like selling/distributing warez, offering hacking services, etc.
  • Are you lying to someone about anything? This could be as simple as your geographical location (if you are in Nigeria, don't make claims that you are in California). We actually don't care where people are from, but we don't like liars (from anywhere). On a side note - cricket is an insect, not a sport.
  • Shilling - don't "help a friend out" by pretending to be a customer or giving them an "unbiased" review. If you don't know what it is, read about it on Wikipedia.
  • Duplicate Accounts - there are no circumstances whatsoever where we allow duplicate accounts (you may not have a "personal" and "business" account for example). Duplicate accounts can be multiple accounts you created, multiple accounts you use, etc. We don't allow shared accounts either (so don't let anyone use your account). There are no "business" accounts and accounts are non-transferrable (if someone is an employee somewhere, the individual "owns" the account, not the business). In case we aren't being clear enough, you are allowed to create (and use) one account in your lifetime (if you are reincarnated, you still must use the account you created in your previous life).